Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding Invitation Ideas With Ribbons and Flowers By Kate L L Anderson

invitation ideas weddingWhen deciding on invitations styles there are heaps to choose from. So much so that many couples may feel overwhelmed by the amount of invites that are available from stockists.

Some brides may prefer flowers on the front of their invite card. The design could be a wedding bouquet. A single red rose style which is meant to symbolise love and passion. An orchid for beauty. I love peony roses which is said to produce a happy marriage. I had chosen orchids for our wedding in a lovely white and lemon color which fitted in nicely with my wedding colors. Depending on the time of year you are both marrying. Your wedding invite may reflect the season or color of your flower.

Ribbons are a brilliant way to add a bit of opulence to any card but especially a wedding invitation. You can add a ribbon with a bow to the top of the card. Another idea would be to glue the ribbon on one side of the card generally on the left hand side leaving the wording to be inserted on the right hand side. Brides can use ribbons to break up the wording and insert a colored ribbon around the middle of the card. Brides may choose to select a card which opens in the middle and is secured by a ribbon. When guests untie the knot they then can see the wedding words inside the card. No matter what type or style of ribbon, you will have a fabulous time deciding.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas and help you both on your invite decision.

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